Pasture Raised Non-Gmo Large Brown Eggs- $4.50 Dzn

Whole Free Range Non-gmo Chicken- $6.00 lb

Whole Free Range Non-gmo Heritage Blue Slate Turkey-$8.50lb

We also offer contract growing- We buy your animals (sheep, chickens, goats, pigs, rabbits) and their feed, then we grow them on pasture, schedule them for slaughter, and have them packaged all for a set, upfront price. This is ideal for the family who wants to grow a whole animal for their family for the year but does not have the space/acreage, ability, facilities, or time.

Minimums for Contract growing are as follows-

Sheep, Goats, or Pigs- 1

Chickens- 25


This is the most cost effective way to buy meat from us.


We do have a source for Non Gmo Feed for layers and broilers, pigs, and corn. All come in 50lb bags.

Egg Layers- $15



Non-Gmo corn- $11
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